Day Software Advances Standards Support with New CMIS and JSR-283-compliant ECM Platform

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Day Software Holding AG (SIX: DAYN, OTCQX: DYIHY), an enterprise software provider of Web 2.0 content management and content infrastructure software, today announced the release of CRX 2.1, Day’s open, standards-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. Day’s new CRX 2.1 release promotes rapid development, deployment and scalable hosting of composite content applications in either a public or private Cloud. Based on an open source core comprised of the Apache Jackrabbit, Felix and Sling projects, CRX 2.1 provides a core Java Content Repository (JCR) with OSGI-based application integration and RESTful web application development.

With a modern, open, standards-based architecture, CRX 2.1 enables IT to virtualize disparate content repositories and application services and consolidate development and hosting of mission-critical Web applications on a single unified platform for increased productivity and compliance. Purpose-built for Cloud-based deployments, CRX 2.1 also enables IT to leverage Cloud service providers like an Amazon Web Services (AWS) to dramatically reduce costs and accelerate new initiatives.

“As an ECM platform for composite content applications, CRX 2.1 is targeted to meet the needs of both CIOs and IT developers,” said David Nuescheler, Chief Technology Officer, Day Software. “For CIOs, we provide an open, standards-based infrastructure to consolidate development of new composite content applications and deliver radically low development and hosting costs through our native support of the Cloud. For IT developers, we add support for the latest content management standards, including both JSR-283 and CMIS. With a focus on promoting IT agility, we’ve also added an entire new suite of productivity tools for the IT developer, and support for sharing and leveraging community contributions to accelerate project timelines.”

Highlights of Day’s new CRX 2.1 release include:

Open Standards

CRX 2.1 adds support for both the JSR-283 and CMIS standards. JSR-283 support follows the December ratification of this successor standard to JSR-170, capping a multi-year effort led by CTO David Nuescheler in the Java Community Process (JCP) and Apache Jackrabbit project. Along with support for JCR 2.0, CRX 2.1 also adds support for the upcoming CMIS standard, which is scheduled for final voting and ratification 30 April 2010. CRX’s support for CMIS follows nearly one year after Day’s announcement of the Apache Chemistry project to provide a common, vendor-neutral reference implementation of the CMIS standard to promote development and adoption of the new standard. With major vendors like SAP and OpenText part of the Apache Chemistry project, CRX 2.1 provides standardized support for CMIS in addition to support for JCR.

Virtualization and IT Consolidation

Day extends CRX’s virtual repository to extend a JSR-283 and CMIS interface to leading enterprise content management repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint. Leveraging CRX 2.1, organizations can now federate any number of Microsoft SharePoint servers to provide a consolidated platform for composite content application development leveraging industry-standards.

Rapid Composite Content Application Development

CRX 2.1 introduces new tools for developer productivity. For web developers, CRX 2.1 introduces a new browser-based development environment, CRXDE Lite, that offers code-editing, packaging and deployment support for composite content applications, along with integration with leading source code management (SCM) systems like Subversion. For developers building and testing new CRX-based content applications in the Cloud, CRXDE Lite’s browser-based experience simplifies the development process and provides a fun-to-use developer experience.

On-Demand Scalability with the Cloud

CRX 2.1 adds new support for elastic storage capability with native support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3. Leveraging S3, enterprise customers can scale their Amazon-hosted content repositories on-demand. CRX 2.1 also now pioneers a new hybrid Cloud deployment model, enabling enterprise customers deploying on-premises software to rapidly add new CRX servers in the Cloud on-demand to accommodate increased site or application loads. With CRX 2.1, these new instances can be “hot-joined” to a running on-premises cluster with zero downtime, enabling organizations to build virtual clusters across both on-premises and off-premises servers to best leverage elastic scalability through the Cloud.

Cloud-hosted PackageShare Service

In addition to its native Cloud support, Day also introduces with CRX 2.1 its first Cloud-hosted service, PackageShare. PackageShare is Day’s online service for enabling CRX developers worldwide to package and share composite content applications, providing a global catalog of pre-built solutions and components. CRX developers can browse PackageShare directly from their CRX development environment, download, install and subscribe to updates for packages shared by other developers in the CRX community. CRX developers can easily post new packages to PackageShare, view community feedback and ratings on posted packages, and easily find new, useful packages leveraging integrated search and pre-set filters.

Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Cochrane commented on the new release, “CRX 2.1 is an exciting new release because it provides the IT department with greater agility. Our new capabilities are designed for rapid development of new composite content applications, native support of the Cloud and expanded standards support with JSR-283 and CMIS, including for the Microsoft Sharepoint platform. We are looking forward to engaging with the community of JCR developers on our free developer edition of CRX 2.1 and growing our online catalog of ECM solutions through our PackageShare service.”

Day Software’s CRX 2.1 Developer Edition is immediately available from Day’s website at Online documentation for CRX 2.1, including for CRX 2.1’s new SharePoint Connector, can also be found on Day’s website at

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Day Software is the ECM pioneer that leading global enterprises rely on for their Web 2.0 content application and content infrastructure needs. Day’s Content Repository Extreme (CRX) is the industry’s leading Java Content Repository (JCR) that provides unique virtualization services to consolidate legacy repositories and unique cloud computing services to lower IT operational costs. Day’s CQ5 platform provides industry-leading Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management and Social Collaboration in a single, unified suite and won the 2009 InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for “Best Web CMS”.

Day is an international company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and Boston, Massachusetts, traded since April 2000 on the SIX Swiss Exchange, and “Over the Counter” (OTC) as American Depositary Receipts (OTCQX:DYIHY). Day’s customers are worldwide leading global enterprises, including: Adobe, Audi, Volkswagen, Daimler, General Motors, Nissan, Newsweek, MTV Networks, Virgin Media, University of Phoenix, InterContinental Hotels Group and McDonald’s.

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