Custom Integration that Drives Business: How Solodev CMS Powers Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Over the course of this Solodev CMS featured week, I’ve overviewed the enterprise platform’s core features, its presence within the healthcare industry, the role it plays for numerous local government bodies throughout the United States, and its hands-on approach to project launches.

To conclude this featured week, I’m going to delve into the custom integration capabilities of Solodev CMS 8, and how that helps to drive the progress of brands online.

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is the brand I’ll be focusing on, as it’s an organization that currently benefits from Solodev’s customization capabilities.

State of the Performing Arts

The Dr. Phillips Center is a state-of-the-art performing arts center in Orlando, FL.

Opened in November 2014, the nearly $400M venue features a 2,700 seat amplified hall (the Walt Disney Theater) for Broadway theater-class events and a 300-seat venue (the Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater) for smaller shows and events. A third theater, a 1,700-seat acoustic hall for ballet, operas and orchestral performances, will open its doors sometime in late 2018.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue.

To establish a worthwhile online presence, Dr. Phillips partnered with Solodev to develop a start-of-the-art website that matched the sophistication of their performing arts center. A major goal for the new website was to drive more self-service transactions – particularly online ticket sales. This is in accordance with current trends. According to a report issued by Juniper Research, the volume of mobile tickets is forecasted to increase to 23 billion worldwide by 2016, more than quadruple the four billion delivered in 2011.

In the end, the site included a sophisticated online seat selection and ticket purchasing system that was highly customized to work in lockstep with the Center’s ticketing software platform, Tessitura.

As well as falling in line with prevailing customer preferences, selling tickets through the website meant lowering costs by driving more self-service actions. By keeping customer transactions online and away from expensive customer service reps, Dr Phillips could offer a more user-friendly ticket buying process with less financial strain.

The Final Performance

On top of meeting its goal to sell tickets easily through its website, the Dr Phillips Center website project was built to excel in other areas. This applies particularly to the website’s seat selector tools. For example, seat maps needed to render in a size large enough to be easily clicked – including with a finger on a mobile device.

The Select Your Own Seat (SYOS) solution was developed by Solodev to work seamlessly with the mobile-responsive capabilities of the website. For example, by using scalable vector graphics of the venue seating charts, as opposed to Flash, mobile device compatibility was ensured.

More customization came in the form of account profiles, which allow for multiple logins to accommodate the Center’s head of household account requirement. Site users are also encouraged to make online donations during the purchasing process, and can select parking spaces from a geo-coded map with overlays, further streamlining the customer experience.

Dr Phillips Performing Arts Website Whitepaper

In response to the roaring success that is the Dr Phillips Performing Arts website, Solodev developed an informative white paper, which derives helpful details from the project.

To find out more about Solodev CMS, check out their website