CumulusClips Version 1.1 Released

The video sharing cms CumulusClips is officially out of Beta and released a stable version (v.1.1). CumulusClips is an open source video script that allows users to create their own video website or YouTube like clone. CumulusClips has several great attributes. These include free & open source, mobile support, and automatic updates, just to name a few.

With all the hype surrounding the video recently more specifically online video this is a major break through. Users can now deploy their own branded video communities without relying on the major players like YouTube and Vimeo.

Users have been able to build their own video websites for a while now however these solutions were usually tagged with a hefty price tag (like BrightCove) or encumbered with encrypted source code like other video cms'.

To find out more about CumulusClips visit: