CrownPeak adds WebKit support and goes mobile

CrownPeak, the SaaS CMS for online marketing has announced support for mobile browsers using WebKit technologies. This technology is used in browsers on both the iPhone and Android phones including the popular Motorola Droid.

To coincide with the availability of CrownPeak CMS on mobile devices, CrownPeak has launched a series of mobile templates to be used by their customers to create mobile versions of their sites. These templates will be provided, managed and supported by CrownPeak to enable every one of CrownPeak's customers a feature-rich mobile site.

“We live in a world where there are already 450 million mobile internet users, soon to be a billion.  Enabling our customers to use the CrownPeak products from their mobile devices has been a big project, and we’re thrilled to be the only CMS product on the market to have taken this step” said Jim Howard, CrownPeak’s CEO.  “At the same time, our customers need their web sites and web marketing efforts to work for the mobile web, so we are adding a suite of powerful tools to our product to enable that as well.”

Google Chrome & Apple Safari

As part of the project to enable CrownPeak CMS for mobile devices, CrownPeak is also announcing support for Google Chrome on PC as well as Safari on Mac and PC.

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