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Paris is a lead staff writer and contributions editor at CMS Critic, working every day to analyze and reflect the most important news from across the digital experience stack. She provides in-depth reviews of modern, relevant platforms in an effort to keep the CMS community informed and help buyers make better decisions about their technology choices. Her journey in both digital and content started years ago working for tech companies in Europe, as well as an enterprise CMS based in the U.S. Throughout her career, she has worked at the intersection of design and development, building and managing content in platforms like WordPress and Ghost CMS. She is passionate about creating better experiences, but she also likes video games, fountain pens, rustic notebooks, and Corgis.

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Paris Tuzun

By Paris Tuzun

July 2, 2020

When it comes to SEO, there are a number of tools that can help improve your website’s performance. And that’s the problem: you often need multiple resources to manage a comprehensive SEO strategy, and few platforms offer complete solution with the right mix of features. While Siteimprove has built a strong reputation around their industry-leading accessibility scanning and monitoring... Read More →


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