Craft CMS 2.4 - Chock full of Improvements and Additions

Craft CMS, one of the winners of our CMS awards for Best Small to Midsize Business PHP CMS, has announced a slew of new updates with their 2.4 release. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the changes and additions you can expect from this great CMS.

Customizable Selection Buttons

Assets, Categories, Entries, Tags, and Users fields now make it possible to customize their selection button/input labels.

craft 2.4

Redesigned User Permissions

Each section of user permissions now has a “Select All” button which will immediately select all of the permissions in that group.

craft 2.4

Two New Languages

The Control Panel has been translated into two new languages: Czech and Slovak. That brings the grand total up to 18 supported languages!

And More!

Check out the release notes for a complete list of all that’s changed!