CoreMedia Empowers Business Users to Customize Online Customer Experience with CoreMedia 6

CoreMedia, a leading Web content management (WCM) company, today announced the launch of CoreMedia 6, the latest release of its innovative WCM platform. Purpose built for organizations looking to increase the value of their online channels, CoreMedia 6 enables a more relevant, engaging and “contextual” online experience by delivering the right business data in real time to the right customer touchpoint, including websites, mobile devices, tablets and TV sets. With this new release, non-technical business users such as marketers and website managers can more easily customize the online experience and anticipate customer preferences and intent by adapting the content or communication “on demand” to each user’s unique needs in a way that is context-aware and goes well beyond basic personalization.

According to a report from IT analyst firm, Gartner, “Context-aware computing — the concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction — can improve business results.” The report continues, “Though some components of this concept may already be familiar, such as personalization, Web analytics and recommendations, it is the application of such technologies within a cohesive strategy that allows interactions with users to be even richer and more relevant. Information derived dynamically from the evolving interaction itself can lead directly to a more proactive, well targeted, highly relevant experience that encourages further interaction. In this way, a delivered experience can be converted into an ongoing engagement.”[1] CoreMedia 6 was developed with this in mind; to give organizations user-friendly tools that can truly evolve their Web presence to become context-aware in order to meet customer expectations and business goals.

From laptops to tablets, mobile phones and smart devices to social networks, businesses must also integrate support for all devices and customer touchpoints and ensure a consistent experience, even when customers switch access points. To deliver a relevant experience in this cohesive Web environment, WCM software can no longer work in isolation, but must cooperate with adjacent technology such as social networks and internal applications such as ERP, CRM and other backend enterprise systems.

As the only WCM platform focused on contextualization, CoreMedia 6 offers content orchestration and context management capabilities that enable seamless integration with an organization’s existing business infrastructure to create contextually relevant content on demand, while empowering non-technical users to go beyond editing and publishing content to websites and craft compelling customer experiences. Specifically designed for marketers, communications professionals and website managers, CoreMedia 6 enables companies to derive more value out of existing customer data locked in enterprise applications by optimizing every Web interaction. Several new and exciting features in CoreMedia 6 include:

CoreMedia Studio: Zero-install Web-based environment for business users to access their content ecosystem and create, test and preview relevant Web business rules.Enables non-technical business users to anticipate the customer’s preferences and intent by leveraging all available context information and adapting the content or communication across all touchpoints.

Adaptive Device Delivery: Improved capabilities for an application-like experience on touchscreen devices such as iPhone, Android, and iPad through zero-install browser applications and optimized, device-specific rendering. This allows users to create contextualized experiences for mobile phones from the CoreMedia Studio editorial interface without having to rely on IT departments for any changes.
Updated Adaptive Personalization Component: Significant updates and new capabilities, including the intuitive Context Rule Creator for CoreMedia Studio that enables non-technical users to easily apply business rules to match content to a customer’s situation and preferences. Improved context profiling allows for processing real-time customer data to dynamically customize the experience regardless of device or channel.
“Internet Broadcasting provides all the components media companies need to build profitable digital businesses: world-class technology, engaging content and applications and revenue solutions. Everything we do focuses on the twin goals of building consumer engagement and enabling our partners to monetize those audiences,” said Jeff Kimball, chief operating officer at IB. “Our relationship with CoreMedia gives IB and our media partners the best foundation for our digital businesses. CoreMedia’s combination of world-class technology, culture of innovation and ease-of-use power IB’s market-leading publishing platform. I am very excited about CoreMedia 6; its focus on contextualization is the beginning of a fundamental shift in the market where it is now possible to provide the most relevant user experiences on multiple devices in a cost effective way.”

“Over the past 14 years, CoreMedia has focused on innovating Web technologies to create a truly connected online world that provides consumers with highly personalized, relevant and real-time content, regardless of the channel or device,” said Glenn Conradt, global vice president of Marketing, CoreMedia. “CoreMedia 6 is the next evolution in helping organizations truly maximize their online presence by making it easy to craft a highly customized experience for each and every customer. In 2011, context is king.”


The new CoreMedia 6 platform will be available in March 2011. The CoreMedia Studio has been beta tested by companies like Deutsche Telekom.

To learn more about contextualization, CoreMedia produced an entertaining video explainer available for viewing anytime by clicking here. For more information on CoreMedia 6 please visit the product information page by clicking here.

About CoreMedia

CoreMedia is a leading provider of Web Content Management (WCM) software to organizations demanding engaging, context-driven online experiences for their customers regardless of channel or touchpoint. The company’s WCM suite offers unique business value by seamlessly integrating digital and social media assets, increasing editorial productivity and accelerating time to market in complex environments. As a result, businesses can more effectively execute their online strategies to engage users, build customer loyalty and ultimately drive greater revenue and profitability.

Established in 1996, CoreMedia is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in San Francisco, London, and Singapore. CoreMedia’s clients include global brands, such as the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bertelsmann, BILD, CLAAS, Continental, EPCOS, Deutsche Telekom, Internet Broadcasting, O2, SEAT, Singapore Press Holdings.