Contentstack Partners with, Adds Localization to Headless CMS

Contentstack, the Content Experience Platform (CXP), announced that has joined the Contentstack Catalyst Partner Program. Launched in August 2020, Contentstack Catalysts are an ecosystem of industry-leading technology and service providers that help accelerate digital experience innovation.

Contentstack Catalysts advance the use of microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless (MACH) architecture, as well as best practices and methodologies for delivering digital omnichannel engagement. In becoming a Catalyst, will offer Contentstack users an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track and complete all facets of the translation process.

Contentstack has been actively building its partnership ecosystem in 2020, and recently launched a strategic partnership with Gatsby – a React-based open source web development framework. This alliance has benefitted both partners, bringing together marketing and development teams using headless CMS to power blazing-fast websites and applications.

With the addition of to the Catalyst partner program, Contentstack is doubling down on localization as key ingredient in omnichannel content management. While the web continues to connect organizations across the globe, communicating with audiences in local languages has proven highly beneficial to improving customer experience. Even though English is the most commonly spoken language on the planet, only 25% of web users are native English speakers. By accommodating customers in their own language, websites can significantly impact their most meaningful KPIs, particularly around SEO and bounce rates. For Contentstack, partnering with will help their CMS users reach customers across geographies with more relevant content.

"With this partnership, we continue to support our customers who are creating multilingual content across platforms and devices," said Billy Nava, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for "Our GlobalLink Connect integration with Contentstack allows companies to manage multilingual content through a single user interface, dramatically simplifying the process of publishing global content."

The unique combination of Contentstack and the extended localization workflow capabilities of’s GlobalLink Connect will provide users with a comprehensive solution for managing global enterprise content – with minimal effort and virtually no IT overhead. Further, when combined with’s GlobalLink AI, Contentstack users can leverage automation and machine learning with translation services, helping to cut costs and accelerate time to market while maintaining high quality results.

"Doing business globally means communicating with customers not only in their native language but delivering the right content to them as well," said the Contentstack customer Joshua Scott, Vice President of Technology for Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. "Bringing together Contentstack and will make this process so much easier and allow us to create and publish multilingual content via a single interface. The process will be nearly completely automated, enabling us to deliver personalized experiences for our customers with little effort."

"We are very excited for to be joining the Catalysts ecosystem," said Peter Fogelsanger, Contentstack's Global Head of Partnerships. "Contentstack's customers have enterprise-level content experience and translation requirements.'s GlobalLink integration with Contentstack offers global brands the industry leading capabilities for omni-channel content management and translation management in a tightly integrated solution." is the technology division of TransPerfect, the world's largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business. Offering a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide,'s GlobalLink Product Suite is trusted by over 5,000 of the world's largest brands to help scale the localization of their international experiences.

Contentstack's Catalyst Partner program brings together top agencies, consultants and technology companies to provide businesses with cutting-edge solutions and expert insights, accelerating their ability to deliver personalized, omnichannel digital experiences. Catalysts work with partners to drive market visibility, manage growth opportunities and deliver transformational customer success. Contentstack provides its Catalysts with the CMS industry's most powerful integrations framework – and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs.

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Contentstack is a headless CMS with an API-first approach that puts content at the center. It is designed to empower content editors to update content in their sites and apps without relying on a developer – while developers are free to code using their favorite tools and languages. Contentstack accelerates and simplifies content management across today's and tomorrow's digital channels, including web, mobile and IoT. From desktops to smart phones, kiosks to smart watches, billboards to jumbotrons, dashboards to VR headsets – content is delivered with the push of a button and optimized for every screen, device and channel.

About is the world’s largest provider of enterprise localization services and technology solutions. From offices in over 100 cities on six continents, offers a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide. More than 5,000 global organizations employ’s GlobalLink Product Suite to simplify management of multilingual content. is part of the TransPerfect family of companies, with global headquarters in New York and regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong.