Content Management Framework Kajona released in version 4.1

Five months after the initial release of Kajona 4, the first update v4.1 focuses on simplicity.

Besides regular bug fixes and optimizations the new insite editor is the most remarkable feature of the new release. Introduces with version 4.0, the insite editor allows to change and format content directly within the page layout. The new editor in 4.1 extends the functionality, offering not only markup functions such as bold or italic, but even the possibility te edit links and images directly.

Content-editors are now able to work in the page layout exclusively while the switch to the comfortable backend is still possible, but no longer required for most of the editors' tasks.



image (2)

When it comes to developing new modules, a newly introduced module structure reduces the efforts to develop a new module. The new approach is the result of a developer-sprint in early 2013 and is based on annotations rather than complex source code. All relevant methods and elements of a module are generated by analyzing and interpreting the annotations provided by the developer. This ensures the maintainability of a module and reduces the expenditure of time to develop a new module.

Since Kajona 4.1 brings several bug fixes, security updates, and updates for compatibility with current web browsers and web server systems, the upgrade to 4.1 is recommended to all users. The update is available and recommended via integrated package management.

The download of the system is possible on the project's website