Contensis releases R7 with a whole set of changes to the CMS

The new release of Contensis includes a large number of additions to the already extensive list of features this CMS offers.

A quick summary of the changes:

  • Major update to the dashboard
  • Move to .Net 4
  • Integrated Pipeline Mode
  • Upgrade from JQuery 1.4.2 to 1.5.2
  • Complete re-write of JavaScript framework
  • Dropped support for SQL Server 2000
  • QA module re-write (now with WCAG2 / 64bit server support)

New Dashboard

There is now a new dashboard that brings actions, content and usage statistics to the forefront of the application. Users can now see their current content, view other people's actions and examine their website activity. The statistics area integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.

New Form Builder

They have also updated their forms module to enable even inexperienced users to quickly build professional forms with rich layout elements such as paging.

Quality Assurance

The QA Module has been rewritten to streamline the process of checking and fixing accessibility problems, HTML validation, spelling mistakes and other errors at page level.  The engine has also been upgraded to support WCAG 2.0/W3C. Project-wide scans are automatically scheduled so you can keep an overview of the quality of your website as a whole.

Full range of Browsers now supported

The full supported browser list now contains; Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, Google Chrome and Safari 5.

New social media controls

They have introduced a suite of new Facebook controls and a ‘Tweet This' control that can simply be dropped into a site. This allows users to now like pages on Facebook or tweet interesting content.

Approve and decline content from your Inbox!

Contensis email notifications now include a link that allows you to approve or decline the content that has been sent to you for approval.

Support for multiple Active Directory domains

The Contensis AD domain support has been improved to cater for integration with multiple domains.

Extensions to Contensis search

They've also added ‘did you mean?' and Thesaurus look-ups to the Contensis search functionality.

More information can be found on their homepage here: Contensis