Contao 2.9.1 is available

Contao (formerly Typolight) version 2.9.1 is available. The maintenance release includes an important front-end cache fix, a front-end preview link fix, and various accessibility fixes. It also fixes an XSS vulnerability in one of the framework functions, so an update is highly recommended.

Changes include:

  • Updated TinyMCE to version 3.3.8
  • Improved the theme exporter to skip back end templates
  • Improved the theme importer to check for existing custom templates
  • Added: added a Safari patch for the EditArea plugin
  • Added: added a Swedish translation to the TinyMCE typolinks plugin
  • Added: added a warning to the login screen if cookies are not allowed
  • Fixed: the listing module always showed the primary key column
  • Fixed: empty article teaser drop-down menu when only a root page was mounted
  • Fixed: the hyperlink element did not handle mailto-links correctly
  • Fixed: the table sort script did not handle tag replacements correctly
  • Fixed: the version 2.9 database update failed when upgrading from version 2.6
  • Fixed: the maximum front end image width was not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: custom image gallery templates threw an exception the back end
  • Fixed: fixed an XSS vulnerability in the front end
  • Fixed: the feed generator did not always use the correct publication date
  • Fixed: fixed two style sheet importer issues
  • Fixed: the front end preview links did not work with URL rewriting enabled
  • Fixed: not all browser languages were checked when looking for a website root
  • Fixed: the front end cache only worked with rewritten URLs
  • Fixed: recursive duplication of a page created an empty record
  • Fixed: the comments form was not displayed if an element was protected
  • Fixed: change the link title when nodes are expanded or collapsed
  • Fixed: do not add pages with robots=”noindex” to the XML sitemap
  • Fixed some minor issues

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