Concrete5 Releases New Enterprise Tools & Pricing

PortlandLabs, the company behind Concrete5 CMS, has released new tools and pricing to serve enterprise organizations that want an easy way to edit their website.

Thanks to a simple point-and-click interface and editing toolbar, Concrete5 has become a popular choice for users who want a CMS that helps manage websites easily. And now, enterprise users can get in on the action.

Let's take a look at what larger companies can now enjoy.

Internationalization to Centralization

PortlandLabs have outlined four key tools that make up this enterprise release:

  • Multi-Step Content Workflow:  Enforces custom multi-step, multi-path content approval steps while maintaining concrete5's intuitive editing experience.
  • Internationalization:  Adds collaboration tools to increase efficiencies for a team managing a multilingual localized web presence.
  • Centralized Digital Asset Management:  Creates a single source of truth for data that can be repurposed across print, mobile, and multiple micro-sites.
  • HTML Exporter:  Takes a complete copy of a website’s latest content and creates a set of files that can be hosted on any web server or CDN.

Regarding this release, Franz Maruna, PortlandLabs CEO, made these comments:

“These tools, along with our support SLA’s, dedicated hosting, and services really provide a rich set of solutions for organizations considering concrete5 for their web presence. There’s no reason that the user experience of web builders like SquareSpace and Wix can’t be enjoyed by larger organizations with complex needs. With concrete5, we’ve eliminated the gap between publishing and editing for mission critical business websites.”

Many organizations have already used Concrete5 to build public-facing marketing sites and secure intranets, but these new tools will undoubtedly make those projects easier and more powerful.

To accommodate larger websites, Concrete5 boasts a broad permissions model that lets site administrators control access down to individual parts of specific pages on the site. Every change is tracked with versions that can be rolled back.

Yet, Concrete5 users enjoy simplicity more than anything else. Their straightforward user interface and easily accessible editing mode is a stark contrast to the average enterprise CMS. So, it will be interesting to see the response.

For more information, check out the Concrete5 website.

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