Concrete5 Released With Numerous Features

After the major release of Concrete5 5.7, the Concrete5 team has just unveiled a new batch of updates concerning Grid Framework improvements, theme customization, and so forth.

Concrete5 is a popular open-source content management system with a reputation for flexibility and its strong community. So strong in fact, that Concrete5 has just been awarded the 2014 People's Choice CMS Award for Best Free PHP CMS.

Let's take a look at what version of Concrete5 brings to the table.

Feature Block Linking, Improved Public Profiles & More

According to Concrete5, this new version, “fixes lots of bugs, enables linking in the feature block, improves grid framework support, adds Zurb Foundation grid support for theme developers, improves and fixes public profiles and much more.”

Here's what you can expect to find:

  • Feature blocks can now link to pages and external links.
  • Improvements to Grid Framework for use with frameworks that require two class names on columns.
  • Theme Developer Feature Update: Zurb Foundation Grid Framework now available.
  • Improvements to Theme Customizer for developers who don’t want to create multiple presets, they just want to make their theme customizable.
  • Members directory has been brought back for sites with public profiles.
  • Added Most Popular to Remote marketplace search results.

Concrete5 hasn't forgotten about developers either:

  • Added GridFrameworkServiceProvider and GridFrameworkManager. New Manager class will be used going forward. Allows easy binding and registration of driver-based classes.
  • Miscellaneous content importer improvements.
  • Updates to MenuItem classes for more flexibility.
  • Attempting to set time limit to zero when adding packages.
  • New LinkAbstractor class now contains methods used to abstract links and import content (instead of being included in the content block controller).
  • Miscellaneous fixes to content importer and content swap.

For more information on this new update, check out the official blog announcement, as well as the full release notes.

And of course, you can explore more of Concrete5 via our CMS Directory.