Composite C1 2.1 Released - What's New?

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The .NET 4 based Composite C1 CMS project – which became available as Free Open Source six months ago – released its first major update based on the “going open” feedback and experiences. This release addresses practical issues like having trouble setting up the system behind corporate proxies to delivering requested features like support for SQL Server and IE9/Chrome and also capture some of the innovation generated via the community like ASP.NET Master Page and Windows Azure support.

Here are the most noteworthy improvements in the new release:

  • Move your site from XML files to SQL Server – a migration tool literally execute the process in a few minutes and thanks to our data API's your code very seldom need any tweaking.
  • Chrome, IE7-9 and Firefox 3.6-4 support – we now support all the major modern browsers and the speed they provide is excellent.
  • Move your site to Windows Azure – a migration tool literally execute the process in a few minutes and thanks to our data and file API's your code very seldom need any tweaking.
  • Get 30 days free trials on premium packages – install and setup directly from the C1 Console and evaluate premium features for 30 days. Try before you buy, no strings attached.
  • ASP.NET Master Page support via contrib project – if you prefer the ASP.NET Web Forms approach to templates you have this option.
  • Build in page performance profiling – pinpoint what feature is making your page slow simply by adding ?c1mode=perf to the page URL.

A more comprehensive list and more details are available on CodePlex:

Download Composite C1 2.1 at or read how you can upgrade your existing site to Composite C1 2.1:

Composite C1 2.1 will be available via the Windows Web App Gallery (Web Platform Installer and WebMatrix) within a few weeks.

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