Complete Mobile Strategies Now Possible with Release of Telerik Sitefinity 6.0

Telerik’s Web Content Management (WCM) platform, Sitefinity, has announced the release of the 6.0 edition. With this release, Sitefinity becomes the first platform that allows business users to take advantage of all three mobile development strategies—Responsive Web Design, mobile websites, and mobile apps. Business users can now deliver the right mobile presence optimized for multiple devices directly from one user interface.

Sitefinity 6.0 offers a one platform approach to mobile. This is critical because as business needs evolve, WCM platforms must be agile to quickly respond to changing market opportunities. By providing a single platform to address all mobile options, enterprises can use Sitefinity to mix and match mobile approaches as much as they like without having to scrap existing work to start over.

Access to unique Telerik technology gives Sitefinity mobile capabilities no other Web Content Management platform can offer. Sitefinity enables organizations to execute on any mobile strategy, yet still respond to future developments. With the ever changing mobile landscape, choice and flexibility are essential to ensure public-facing content stays relevant and ahead of the competition. In this, Sitefinity delivers.

Beyond advancements in mobile with the addition of a Mobile App Builder and improvements to Responsive Web Design elements, Sitefinity customers can now effortlessly surface SharePoint assets to mobile devices via the Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint.

The Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint is a two-way connector between Sitefinity and SharePoint which allows digital assets to be edited and synced from both ends. The connection enables the content authoring experience, page design flexibility and comprehensive solution to mobile content delivery of Sitefinity to be made available for SharePoint assets without disrupting existing processes and infrastructure.

Hybrid-Cloud is newly available from Telerik, enabling Sitefinity administrators to securely expose internal business data living in various systems to mobile devices. Users can choose what internal data to expose to the cloud and keeping the rest behind their firewall, minimizing worry around VPN connections or hosting infrastructure. Hybird-Cloud Services uses a non-relational database built for speed and scalability to maximize mobile app performance. RESTful web services result in less traffic and lightning fast mobile apps. All this comes with effortless –and automatic–syncing with your Sitefinity website.

In addition, Sitefinity 6.0 offers enhancements to many features, including SiteSync, Ecommerce, and more, to help our customers power their business success.

Interested in trying it out? Give it a test drive with the Sitefinity Demo