#CMSShowdown: Ultimate Showdown of Content Management Systems

Today marked the day of the very first “Ultimate Showdown of Content Management Systems” which occurred at South by Southwest Interactive.

This event was an attempt to pit open source content management systems against each other in an effort to determine which one was the greatest. With a presentation style reminiscent of Iron Chef, the popular Cooking television show.. Open Source CMS leaders Joomla, WordPress and Drupal were pitted against one another.

The goal? To design the same website in each system and have the audience decide which one was the clear winner.

The websites which were created are available for viewing at: Drupalshowdown.com ; WPShowdown.com and Joomlashowdown.com respectively.

The unique part of this even wasn’t just the myriad of developers all fighting to do the best job possible, but that almost the entire
event was covered on Twitter. The hashtag of choice? #cmsshowdown.

When it came time to ask the audience to pick a winner, there was a resounding ‘No’ and they decided that they wanted to learn more about all three projects before determining the winner. So who wins the CMS Show Down?

The answer is simple:

You do.

In the spirit of Open Source and friendly competition.. all three teams came together to remind us why we all love these projects and why they are icons for the industry. Working together, these groups created some amazing sites showcasing their respective systems in a very short time, with a lot of camraderie and a whole lot of fun!