CMS Release Roundup for the week of February 7, 2014

It hasn't been a crazy busy week with regards to CMS news but there are a couple of new releases that might interest those of you out there.

I've decided to start doing CMS Release Roundup's when there isn't much to go on in the release announcements. Most of the time, if the release is a significant one, there will be screenshots and all kinds of great info to share with you guys but in some of the cases, there is so little that if I tried writing a single post on it, it would either be way too short or way too boring, therefore, this week, we are doing a CMS Release Roundup!

The first release was from Joomla and is a bugfix release labeled Joomla 3.2.2. I would give you more info on this release but I'd likely end up boring you to death so for the sake of both our sanity, I'll ask you to view this engaging breakdown of the changes:

Next in line is the release of Umbraco 7.0.3. This is simply a small release that fixes some issues with media, domains and the embed button in the rich text editor. Details, as always, can be found here:

Those are the main ones for this week folks that we are aware of. If we missed something that you know of, please drop us a line or let us know in the comments below and we'll make sure we get it covered!