CMS Made Simple 2.0 Released

CMS Made Simple (or CMSMS for short) has finally made version 2.0 available for download.

The popular open source platform is first choice for many, and proved it by winning the 2014 People's Choice for Best Small to Midsize Business PHP CMS.

The CMSMS community has been waiting for this release for a while now, and the development team have acknowledged that in their release announcement:

“CMSMS 2.0 has been a long and tiring uphill war, with many large and small battles; some of which we won, and some of which we lost. Throughout our battles the Dev Team has always remembered our primary goal and tagline: “Power for the Professionals, Simplicity for the End Users.”

This means that the professionals have a standards-oriented, powerful engine to build websites and web based applications, and the system still remains simple and fast for the average non-technical user to be able to manage the content of his or her website.”

WYSIWYG Editing & Performance Improvements

CMSMS 2.0 brings about a new WYSIWYG editor, an improved and dynamic file manager, and a brand new content managing module.

Content editors can now easily find, control and edit thousands of pages without concern that they will accidentally erase somebody else's work.

Furthermore, the CMS Made Simple developers have revealed that they took on numerous code review sessions, performance tuning sessions, and optimization sessions to ensure that site visitors receive the best performance possible out-of-the box.

According to them, depending upon the site's purpose, CMSMS 2.0 should be ready to produce better response times, reduce performance load, and ensure that the website visitor's experience is smoother than ever before.

More Power, Flexibility & Ease of Use to the Website Builder

CMS Made Simpe's new rationalized and unified template, design, and stylesheet management interface enables developers to exercise complete control over the various different types of templates in a single website (Page Structure, News Articles, News Summary Views, Navigations).

Everything is managed from one place instead of dozens of different locations in the Admin console. Additionally, all of the templates and stylesheets can be organized together into ‘designs' for easier importing from and exporting to other CMSMS websites.

Here's a summary what's new in this area:

  • The new “Navigator” module allows the website designer to create fast, flexible, and powerful navigations with more power and simplicity than ever before.
  • The new “AdminSearch” module allows an editor or a website developer to quickly and easily locate a portion of text or code. This makes their job faster and easier.
  • A completely rewritten module management interface provides an integrated way of managing, upgrading, searching and interacting with modules.

Plus, CMSMS 2.0 boasts a much easier installtion process, thanks to an “installation assistant” and the existence of only one file.

More information on CMSMS 2.0 can be found via their blog. Alternatively, you can skip ahead to the dowload page to grab a copy for your next project.

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