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CMS Made Simple 1.11.9 now available

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The development team at CMS Made Simple have churned out another release to address some issues with the September 9th release of CMS Made Simple 1.11.8. This newly minted edition aims to address those issues and a few others within the popular open source CMS.

According to the release announcement:

 …the 1.11.8 release introduced a new event (TemplatePreFetch) that would make modules like CmsTouch and TemplateExternalizer more powerful. Unfortunately, the schema version did not change properly, so only users who did a fresh install would get this event. Additionally, we should not have distributed the 1.11.8 diff packages. These were subsequently removed (if you installed the 1.11.8 diff, don't worry—you can still upgrade to 1.11.9).

Some of the additional changes and improvements include:

  • Users with ‘Modify Any Page' and ‘Remove Content' permissions can now delete almost any content page.
  • Fixed error handling so that error pages won't be indexed by search engines
  • Some minor security improvements

Grab your latest copy from the CMS Made Simple website or learn more about the product by visiting their page in our CMS Directory – CMS Made Simple.

CMS & Marketing / CMS Made Simple 1.11.9 now availableLast updated on January 5, 2019
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