CMS Critic to Attend Gartner DWS 2016

We love attending a good conference, so when Liferay – the renowned digital experience platform – invited us to join them as their guests at Gartner DWS 2016, we couldn't say yes fast enough.

Traditionally, the Gartner DWS (Digital Workplace Summit) is a conference that brings together analysts and brands in posession of vast experience in the world of business software.

Basically, if you're looking for software experts, you'll find them at Gartner's conferences.

The Gartner DWS 2016 will be a two day conference, kicking off on September 21st and ending on the 22nd. The venue is set to be the prestigious Park Plaza Westminster hotel located in the heart of London – which just happens to be my home city.

Why Attend Gartner DWS 2016?

As mentioned previously, the CMS Critic team has always traveled far and wide to attend business software events, but I'm particularly excited about attending Gartner DWS 2016.

Why? Because I'll get to:

  • Expand my knowledge of emerging technologies in the workplace
  • Understand what the world's biggest brands are thinking about when it comes to software
  • Be better positioned to advise the companies we consult here at CMS Critic
  • Plus, I'll get to watch some (almost certainly epic) presentations by Gartner analysts and brands like Coffee Republic

For more information on what to expect, check out the Gartner DWS 2016 brochure, which includes the agenda for the entire event.

Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing news and views pertaining to enterprise content management and artificial intelligence in the workplace. All in all, it should be an eventful and beneficial two days.

Another thanks is in order to the guys over at Liferay for inviting me to join them as their guest.

Will you be joining me at Gartner DWS 2016? Let me know what you're excited about in the comments section below!