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During my European tour this year, I headed to Karlsuhe, Germany to meet with the folks from 1&1 Internet and get a tour of their hosting facilities as well as have a sit down chat about their website builder, MyWebsite.

For those unfamiliar with MyWebsite, it's a website builder that comes preloaded with a large selection of premade pages and content for a ton of industries, allowing you to quickly make a website for a business such as a hair salon, realtor, etc with very minimal effort. It's quite impressive actually for the price.

Check out the interview to get a feel for how 1&1 handles their customers and what their plans are for MyWebsite now and down the road:

For more information about MyWebsite, visit 1&1 on the web at:

Uncategorized / CMS Critic Interviews 1&1 InternetLast updated on August 21, 2015
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