ClusterCS is a comprehensive, cloud-based VPS and server processing control panel

Created out of a need for a more intuitive, powerful sysadmin tool, we have created a portal through which site owners, developers and the admins who support them can monitor and adjust their site hosting, at the click of a button.

Are you ready to change the way you see high-speed website hosting?

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About Us

First things first, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Our company, Soft Dreams, began as a web agency in 2004. Motivated by the early successes of our clients, and the massive traffic called for by their sites, as a result, we branched our services out into the realm of high-speed website hosting, early on.

This was the defining moment in the creation of ClusterCS, our cloud-based control platform, in 2010. Created as a response to the increased need for comprehensive hosting tools in an ever expanding market, we released in 2016 after extensive internal testing.

Since then, it has undergone two feature releases since going public.

About ClusterCS

Cluster CS is a no-mess cloud-based control panel that automates and customises your entire VPS and dedicated server process.

Consolidated software packages are nothing new. Centralised management of important business or admin activities has become commonplace and, honestly, essential to the modern working environment.

ClusterCS takes that idea and runs with it, allowing you to:

  • Speed up your deployment
    In just a few clicks, you can create and deploy a stable, high availability cluster. Not only this, but you’ll be able to ensure the safety of the client’s setup through the use of automatic backups, and even test drive different architectures, easily and quickly.
  • Manage all the elements of your websites
    Bring together the management of your website’s emails, databases, backups, DNS, and cronjob services. What’s more, you’ll be able to do this for an unlimited number of websites. Finally, customizable setups with multiple PHP versions give you the kind of control you need for your unique website setup.

More so than these standard offerings, though, are two distinctive features we’ve introduced that set us apart.

  • Speed
    Our graphical user interface (GUI), known as Speed, helps you streamline the process of creating complex serving conditions. These can include inputs from URLS, assets, and cookies, in various combinations. This is also a useful GUI in that it improves security, intelligently blocking specific paths according to the IP of the user. With this, you’re bringing in an added layer of security to your website, with an interface that’s as intuitive as you need it to be.
  • Improved Clustering Setup
    This service allows designers to spread services across multiple servers, increasing speed for those all-important processes. Using this tool, we’ve been able to set up complex clusters, spread out over as many as thirty dedicated servers. Separate databases, central sites, and more, easily, and you’re well on your way to making slow processing times a thing of the past.

Version 1.3 is now live we have automated SSL setup including Let’s Encrypt.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with us, today, to find out more about our products and award-winning services.

This article was contributed by the ClusterCS team.