Cloud Deployments Drive Rapid Growth of Nuxeo in 2019

Nuxeo,  the leading cloud-native Content Services Platform (CSP), today  announced 2019 revenue and growth figures that reflect the company’s  ongoing success in the fast-growing Content Services market, where Nuxeo  continues to outpace its competitors.

In 2019, Nuxeo's revenues grew by 32 percent, with Q4 revenue growing  46 percent year-on-year, making the company one of the fastest-growing  vendors in the Content Services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  market. 2019 continued a well-established trend of rapid growth for  Nuxeo and the company has achieved a sustained 40 percent compounded  annual growth rate (CAGR) since taking investment from Goldman Sachs and  Kennet Partners in 2016. In fact, the company has more than tripled  revenues over the last four years.

In addition, customers are deploying the Nuxeo Platform via the cloud  at an accelerating pace, as evidenced by a 63 percent increase in the  company cloud revenues in 2019. Nuxeo Cloud now represents 32 percent of  the company’s total recurring revenue.

“We have a sustained, strong track record of success in the Content  Services market,” said Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo. "The results and  milestones we achieved in 2019 illustrate that we’re meeting the complex  information management challenges of global enterprises. We anticipate  another strong year in 2020 as more enterprises continue to embrace the  Nuxeo Platform to address a variety of different business needs, from  modernizing large-scale legacy ECM systems for leading financial  institutions to helping fashion and apparel companies to accelerate  their digital supply chains and bring new products to market much more  quickly.”

2019 was a year of innovation for Nuxeo as the company launched two  new cloud services and delivered numerous new platform features. In  July, the company introduced Nuxeo Insight and became the first CSP vendor to release a fully-trainable artificial  intelligence (AI) offering for content. In November, the company  launched its Nuxeo Transformation service, a fully-elastic cloud service  for rendering and transforming content and digital assets at extreme  scale.

“We are focusing on delivering breakthrough technology to our  customers,” explained Barroca, “Our Nuxeo Insight service is the most  advanced, trainable AI engine in the Content Services market today. It  enables our customers to build custom AI models using their own content  and data to deliver real, quantifiable business results, like  recognizing talent and products, identifying characters and other  intellectual property, and intelligently classifying documents and  content -- all at an unprecedented scale and with exceptional accuracy.”