Clickability Launches New User Interface

Clickability has announced this morning a new and improved user interface for their SaaS (software-as-a-service) web content management system.

According to their press release, Clickability's new UI allows them to offer the following benefits:

  • More Control for Marketers and Content Authors: An intuitive visual environment allows marketers and content authors to more easily edit web page layouts and templates without the help of IT, while in-context editing lets them rapidly create and update content. As a result, they have more control over website presentation and the ability to provide rich, impactful content experiences.
  • Increased Marketing Agility: Design aesthetics have been separated from content and layout, allowing users to independently update designs, layout, and content on the fly with no expensive customizations required. Users are not locked into their design choices and are liberated to swiftly implement new marketing initiatives.   
  • Faster Content Publishing Across Multiple Channels: Out-of-the-box multi-channel capabilities are built into content and design workflows, removing the need for costly customizations and additional time-consuming steps when publishing to multiple channels. Proprietary technology automatically delivers responsive design, allowing ideal viewing of content and images on all devices.  Users can also preview, as they are editing, how content and designs will appear on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices to ensure optimal customer experiences throughout the digital experience.
  • Sleek and Configurable Experience:   An intuitive, drag-and-drop UI lets users easily complete tasks and perform the most critical functions quickly. They can also tailor their own experiences within the UI by configuring views, navigations, fields, and workflows in a way that best fits their specific needs and preference.

Taking a look at the new interface, you can see that it now offers a cleaner and more visually appealing look. The screenshot below is of the content editor which enables users of the tool to create, edit and update website content. It contains workflow capabilities, content configuration and in-context editing functionality as well as the ability to view multiple page layouts.

Clickability Content Editor

Below is a screenshot of the new Template Editor which is a visual environment for combining page layouts with design bundles and page elements to create publishing-ready page templates. Users create any number of custom templates and easily drag and drop page elements. Additional capabilities include auto-built field and component libraries and multi-device preview.

Clickability Template Editor

“Today’s marketers and content authors face increasing demands and expectations,” said Noah Logan, General Manager, Clickability.  “They are tasked with continually publishing new content globally, personalizing customer experiences, integrating campaigns across channels, and quickly addressing new needs and initiatives.  As we developed our new UI, we worked with our users to identify what they required to successfully address these requirements, and we then applied these insights.  The outcome is a very flexible offering that empowers all types of users to execute their strategies effectively.”

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