Pop OS Review – Elegant, Functional, Well Done

Pop OS by System76 has been around for a while but for the longest time, I hadn’t tried it simply based on the fact that I had heard (incorrectly) that it was basically Ubuntu with some themes applied. Recently, however, I’ve discovered this is not just an Ubuntu distro with themes applied and I wanted to share my experiences in this Pop OS Review. Installing Pop OS The installation…


Duda Review: A Powerful Platform for Web Design Agencies

Duda is a comprehensive digital platform for agencies that promises to do more than just help them build professional-looking websites. Unlike blogging platforms, content management systems, and other cloud-based site builders, Duda focuses on technology that encompasses brand-building, client management, and team collaboration for businesses and digital agencies. To help determine if the platform is right for you, here’s a closer look at some of the key features of…

2014 Critics' Choice Award Winner - Best Website Builder

Wix Review – Create Beautiful Websites Quickly & Easily

The cornerstones of any successful CMS are innovation, artistry and versatility. Wix.com is one of the most popular content marketing platforms in the market right now thanks to its ability to adapt the best attributes of its competitors and improve upon them. Let’s take a look at this website builder in my Wix Review. The online app uses smart algorithms to help you find the ideal look for your…


Postachio Review

Postach.io is a blogging platform with a difference. The whole premise of Postach.io is to negate the need for users to use a seperate blogging tool, and it works with the note management system – Evernote – to achieve this. Postach.io turns Evernote into a content management system, which allows users to sync notes directly to their Postach.io blog. My inside scoop on Postachio.io will show you how it…