Cascade Server 7.6 Released

Hannon Hill releases its latest version of its flagship product, Cascade Server 7.6. Cascade Server is an enterprise CMS used by thousands of organizations in the education, government and non-profit, technology, and healthcare industries. The latest rollout from Hannon Hill provides Cascade Server users with new levels of speed and ease for content management and content strategy.

What's New in Cascade Server 7.6?

The two major improvements include an end-user advancement — drag-and-drop addition — as well as an enhancement for developers.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for uploading files into the CMS. Adding files to the CMS is a breeze, providing an easy drop-zone for embedding or inserting files. Dropping a text file, however, does something that few CMSs do. It automatically parses the text into the HTML text editor, eliminating those all-too-familiar headaches when you copy/paste text. When you insert an image, the CMS will automatically place the image inline into the editor, then allow you to adjust it according to your preferences using the image editing tools.
  • Include one velocity templating format into another. With the update, now when a developer writes a Velocity Format, they can easily reuse it in other Velocity Formats elsewhere as needed. Velocity scripts can be reused like blocks and added to any area of a web page. Child formats can be recalled from parent formats anywhere on a site with a single macro string. This dramatically reduces the amount of time required to code portions of a site, especially when it may be necessary to do so over and over again. Plus, this improvement prevents coders from needing to copy/paste code, which will likely cut back on the number of errors and bugs introduced into the code.

Improvements to Cascade Server

In addition to these new benefits, the CMS received a sweeping overhaul of the many other tools its customers know and love.

  • Velocity Locator Tools — Easily access metadata and data definition tools with no index block.
  • Site Import/Export Speed Improvements — Process improvements and quicker upload times.
  • Google Analytics Connector Overhaul — The new OAuth compliant connector requires that an access token from Google be used in order to verify a site.
  • SQL Server 2012 support – Now supporting SQL 2012, Cascade will be phasing out support of older SQL versions

Atlanta-based Hannon Hill is the clear leader in CMSs for higher education. Thousands of colleges and universities use Cascade Server for its power, freedom, and advanced capability. Cascade Server uses a friendly interface, multi-site management, and rapid implementation, which is perfect not only for educational institutions, but also government, healthcare, and technology organizations. Cascade's continual improvement signal its continued leadership role.

Check out the following video that highlights a few of the new features:

Read all the details on the new release by checking out the Cascade Server 7.6 Release Notes. Hannon Hill’s customers have been notified of the release and can download and install the newest version by visiting the Cascade Server Downloads Page.

To find out more about Cascade Server, and the powerful CMS suite from Hannon Hill, visit the Cascade Server site.