Campsite 3.3.3 ushers in a number of new features

Campsite 3.3.3 has been released and brings with it a number of new features for web publishers.

The main enhancements Campsite 3.3.3 brings are:

  • Online template editor (EditArea) now highlights Campsite template language properly
  • Topics attached to an article are displayed in a tooltip on mouseover in section view
  • Smarty template engine upgraded to the latest stable version
  • HTML anchors are now insertable via the TinyMCE rich text editor
  • Updated Russian, Belarusian, and Spanish localizations
  • Online Interview and Blog plugins are now fully localizable

Bugs fixed include:

  • Several upgrade process bugs (autopublish,.httaccess and plugin related)
  • A table is no added within paragraph when inserting images via the TinyMCE editor
  • Image resize ratio field is no logner mandatory in System Preferences
  • Quality of automatically generated nails has been improved
  • TinyMCE text editor no longer filters the anchor tag
  • Topic objects are now cached properly
  • Long image captions no longer cause images to occupy wider space than necessary
  • Search indexer now properly filters out invalid words and does not leave out valid words
  • Image resizing ratio is no longer reset when editing an article
  • Topics with names that contain digits are now properly recognized in the template language
  • The Blog plugin now works well with APC cache
  • The code that sends Campsite system notifications has been fixed,
    so Campsite no longer floods admin mailboxes in case of noncritical
  • Several localization bug fixes (including the Author field label)
  • Order option for topics list and article switches now work as documented
  • The obsolete PHP function split() has been removed from Campsite code

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see this Trac report.