Call Loop Extends Email Newsletters with Text and Voice

You are a marketing machine. You have worked hard to build a huge email list. You carefully craft each email newsletter campaign you send out. Something is wrong. Your open rate is poor. Ok lets be honest, its so poor you are wondering if you have been flagged as spam! Here comes the question: “What can I do about it?”

Let's assume that you are NOT sending out spam and therefore have not been flagged as such. You may just need to extend your reach a little past email to bring attention to your beautifully crafted newsletters. The solution could be a service like Call Loop.

“Call loop announces that they have designed and developed a new way for any person marketing to an email list to get the chance to have increased response rates. Marketing studies have been performed for email open rates and the data currently shows that less than 20 percent of emails are opened. Large mailing lists are one of the tools that some companies and marketers use as a way to build annual income. Call Loop has now developed a way to tie in existing autoresponder email blasts with voice and text messaging to help increase the overall open response rate. This service is designed with affordability in mind and the cost of a single text message or voice message is currently 5 cents to help marketers of any size to reduce mailing list marketing budgets.”

Yes, Call Loop integrates your already present email marketing system and extends it to text and voice messaging. Sounds like this could be a lot to keep up with right? Actually it is surprisingly simple as this 60 second video from Call Loop's website shows.

Sometimes a little reminder can help when maybe some get in the habit of not reading your email newsletters. At times people get busy and feel they do not have time to peruse their subscribed to newsletters. A service like Call Loop sends a little text or voice reminder that the email you recently sent out has a coupon for free coffee! Use these tools wisely and watch your open rate explode.