ButterCMS launches New Knowledge base with enhancements

ButterCMS is an API-based or “headless” CMS enabling developers to query the Butter API to pull content into the app, using any tech stack of choice such as Angular or React.

ButterCMS eliminates the need for setup and configuration and has a pre-defined data structure optimized to handle a variety of content. Developers can use their preferred tools and frameworks to build interfaces for marketing teams. Creating different content delivery channels is achieved with minimal effort.  Marketers and non technical users can easily create and edit content without concern for different channels, administration issues and technical aspects.

Users experience a faster and more responsive application while consuming high quality content on any delivery channel. In continuing to simplify content management and provide high performance, here are some product updates since our last post.

New Knowledge Base

Butter CMS Knowledge Base
Butter CMS Knowledge Base

ButterCMS launched a brand new knowledge base, a repository for How to’s, FAQ’s, different uses cases and examples on Write API.  The objective is to gain the most value from Butter by

investigating all the different features, capabilities and discovering new Butter use cases. This knowledge base highlights other ideas for  maximum value with Butter beyond blogging.

New RegEx Validation Field Validations

Butter CMS RegEx Validation Field
Butter CMS RegEx Validation Field Validations

With our recent additions to set the minimum/maximum length for a short text field in a long text field, we have now enhanced the fields to use specific patterns (technically regular expressions). This means the content editor can set the format for how the specific short text should be formulated.  So for example, if an email address is needed in the short field, you can specify that pattern to be the pattern of an email address.  Users are required to put in the correct text answer of the needed information.

In addition to the default patterns to choose from (E-mail, URL, US Phone number, US Zip Code), users can also select, ‘Custom’ and designate your own pattern. This is a very powerful feature as one can customize and require the answers to be the exact data needed while reducing time and error.

Previewing Blog Posts

Butter CMS Blog Post Preview URL
Butter CMS Blog Post Preview URL

ButterCMS has improved the blog post tool by adding the preview draft post functionality.  Content editors can easily view draft blog posts, after pressing the preview button and make changes before the post goes live.

Butter CMS is an API-driven CMS enabling developers to use modern technologies to build websites and applications. The goal is to launch the CMS capability faster so users can focus more on the business.

Wrap up

A headless CMS presents itself as a developer friendly alternative to traditional CMS's like WordPress.  ButterCMS has a pre-defined data structure optimized to handle a variety of content while also eliminating the need for set up and configurations. Providing localization, multi-site support and search engine optimization, developers can use their preferred tech stacks to build interfaces. Marketers can easily create and edit content without having technical skills. If you’re wondering if a headless CMS is a right fit for your project, ButterCMS offers a 30-day free trial for you to try out and provide content migration support if you’re moving from an existing CMS.