BuddyPress 2.3.0 “Livio” Released

BuddyPress, the popular WordPress social network and community building plugin, has just released its latest version.

Following its tradition of naming versions after their favourite restaurants, BuddyPress 2.3.0 has been titled after “Chez Livio”, an Italian Pizza specialist in Paris, France.

Version 2.3.0 comes bundled with a number of noteworthy features.

New Avatar UI, Better Blog Media Handling & More

First up, BuddyPress users now have better control over avatars, thanks to a new interface.

The interface allows users to drag-and-drop upload and then quickly crop their desired image.

Users who have a webcam enables, or users who are using their smartphones will also be able to take a photo directly from the interface using the “Take Photo” tab.

BuddyPress 2.3.0 is the best looking version yet, thanks to companion stylesheets for bundles WordPress themes like Twenty Fifteen.

Also, blog media, such as images and video, will now show up in activity feeds as part of the excerpt when blog posts are published.

Further features include member-type specific directories and private message starring for better inbox organization.

The initial announcement was made on the BuddyPress blog.

And as always, be sure to explore more of BuddyPress via our CMS Directory.