BuddyPress 2.1 Patsy Released

The final version of BuddyPress 2.1 has been unveiled, just days after the Release Candidate went live.

Following the same trend as WordPress, BuddyPress also name their major releases. However, instead of famous musicians, they opt for eateries. BuddyPress 2.1, therefore, has been named after  Patsy’s, a classic pizzeria in East Harlem, NYC.

As mentioned in my previous look at BuddyPress 2.1, this new release brings about a new @mentions interface, better translations and much more. So, let's take a closer look at Patsy.

More Translatable, More @able

Previously, you needed to know the username of the member you wanted to mention in the activity stream, but not anymore. In BuddyPress 2.1, typing the  @  key will bring up the new suggestions panel, making it easy to @ the user you intend, by simply choosing them from a list.

Also, the BuddyPress team have worked alongside the WordPress team to get BuddyPress translation files downloading automatically to your WordPress installation. So, BuddyPress is now more translatable – and more readily translated – than ever before.

Another addition is the new URL field type, which allows your users to enter URLs in a number of formats, and ensures that they’re properly linked when displayed on member profiles.

Something for the Devs

BuddyPress 2.1 introduces dozens of improvements with developers in mind:

  • Access control in  BP_Group_Extension  has been completely overhauled, allowing plugins to manage access to their nav items on a fine-grained basis.
  • A new  group_activity  sort order has been added for Groups queries.
  • no_access_url  parameter has been added to  bp_core_new_subnav_item() . This allows you to set the URL that users are redirected to when they do not have permission to access a sub-navigation item.
  • Extra CSS classes have been added to Profile Field visibility field elements, allowing greater CSS customization.

For a detailed look at the hundreds of bug fixes and feature enhancements in BuddyPress 2.1, check out the official 2.1 changelog.

Additionally, be sure to explore more of BuddyPress via our CMS Directory.