Brightcove makes your CMS video friendly

Serious content marketers know how powerful a tool video is when capturing and holding the attention of site visitors. Brightcove is a solid choice for video content delivery thanks to their robust “in the cloud” approach.

Long story short, Brightcove is a top notch web video solution. Recently they have announced exciting integrations with some of the most widely used Content Management Systems: Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, and WordPress. Jeff Whatcott, chief marketing officer at Brightcove, had this to say about how important video is as part of your web content strategy:

“Video’s pervasiveness across the Web makes it a central component in the content mix thanks to its unmatched ability to tell stories, generate brand awareness, and increase loyalty. Website publishers need the same high degree of control over video that they’ve had with text and images to create a content strategy with more personalized experiences and a wider range of content types that drive visitor engagement, transactions, and return visits. Brightcove’s CMS integrations help publishers take full advantage of the many marketing benefits of video by easily incorporating it into their existing content workflows.”

It is a very difficult task to try and be everything to everyone. Some companies try to build a solution that covers all content possible but many times find that they specialize in just one or more core functionality. Many CMSs have some video capabilities but they may not be as strong as what Brightcove offers. This is one reason why integrations like this are so exciting. Brightcove has proven that they specialize in video content. Clients who already use Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, or WordPress can now have Brightcove's Video Cloud content abilities right within the CMS. The result is less of a learning curve and faster content turnaround because the video element becomes part of the workflow of the CMS you are already familiar with.

Some of the features Brightcove's Video Cloud brings with these integrations are:

  • Centralized workflows, combining the functions of the CMS and Video Cloud within a single user interface.
  • Rich CMS functionality for video assets that leverages the full capabilities of the CMS, such as A/B testing, multivariate testing, and social sharing for video assets.
  • Unified analytics that allow organizations to analyze all of their content data within a single holistic environment.
  • Cross-content search through which users can include video content when searching across all content types.
  • Granular permissions that make it possible to bundle video assets with other content under a consistent set of rules.

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