Brand new 1024CMS release

1024cms – CVI development team has announced the release of beta version 1.1 stable of the 1024cms. The new version includes only admin backend and better performance, improved Search Engine Optimization tools and support for the html editor and FCKeditor WYSIWYG text editors.

1024cms is a powerful Open Source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and is suitable for many types of website development.

1024cms is designed to run on a Linux web server, running Apache, PHP and SQL. Other platforms and databases (eg Oracle) are also supported but not tested and you can do the test your self and share with our community.

We spent a lot of time evaluating the admin interface from the user's perspective and making improvements as necessary. We also did very rigorous testing on this version. We think this version is the most mature and easy-to-use version.

To test, please visit and download fresh copy of 1024cms.