Blending Analytics & Personalization For Optimum Results With DNN Evoq 8

Our featured coverage of DNN Software continues this week, and this time we're looking at the analytics and personalization features of DNN Evoq 8.

Trusted by more than 2,000 brands worldwide, including a range of Fortune 500 companies, DNN was named the 2014 Critics' Choice Award Winner for Best Small to Midsize Business .NET CMS.

DNN Evoq 8 was released with a focus on a few different fronts, including both analytics and personalization. Let's get into how the platform helps marketers combine the two.

The Metrics Come Easy

Evoq 8 serves up detailed and relevant metrics, in a way that's both stylish and yet easy to process. Even for laymen.

Much like the rest of DNN Evoq 8, the analytics dashboard is very easy on the eyes.

The sleek nature of the dashboard doesn't come at the cost of functionality though. With it, marketers can easily:

  • Track Page View activity over any length of time, comparing time periods as well as visitors to views.
  • Monitor the average time spent on each page, along with the bounce rate for the time period.
  • See the top referring domains driving traffic to the page, top operating systems used, and the top conversion activities.
  • Understand which traffic channels are driving visitors to the page, and which devices those visitors are using to access the page.
  • Analyze how are visitors are navigating to and from the page, segmented by traffic type.

In other words, Evoq 8 provides marketers with ample information regarding their visitors, arming them with the information they need to adjust content and form marketing campaigns.

However, what really caught my eye, was the presentation of these stats and facts.

The use of flow charts, pie charts, and line graphs may not be anything new, but Evoq 8 actually makes them fun to look at. And that's new.

Everything is quirkily colour-coded, while the interface itself is elegantly minimal on every area of the analytics dashboard. In short, these are seriously important metrics presented in a brilliantly casual way.

Multi-layered Personalization

DNN Evoq 8 is capable of tailoring content based on device, behavior, location, or user profile. The end goal is of course to increase both engagement and conversions by dishing out the most relevant content to each visitor.

To craft personalized experiences, Evoq users can set personalization rules.

Through these rules, marketers can arrange specific and tailored content which will only be seen by select groups, all of which are determined by the initial personalization rules.

For example, a banner promoting a North American competition can be configured to be displayed on the website for US and Canada based visitors only.

A simple rule can be set to display this version of the website specifically to North Americans, while the rest of the world are shown another version, perhaps without the banner.

Naturally, Evoq 8 lets marketers view, edit, and delete their different page versions.

The natural link between these two marketing features is obvious. Without the stellar analytics system, DNN Evoq 8 users would have trouble identifying their customers, making personalization almost impossible.

Likewise, DNN's personalization features would be of little use without the helpful information provided by its analytics system. Together, they offer valuable stats and metrics, paired with some powerful tools designed to make optimum use of them.

The Marketer Shift

Evoq 8's supremely simple approach to both analytics and personalization is no accident.

During Mike Johnston's recent video interview with Navin Nagiah, DNN Software's CEO made these telling comments:

“Websites are now being owned more and more by marketers. But if you go back five, eight, ten years ago, website were owned by IT.

So the CMS [Evoq 8] had to pivot to be one for marketers. Super easy to use, super simple to update content.”

I'd say that the shift towards marketers is on track, as “super easy” and “super simple” are two apt descriptions of the analytics and personalization features within Evoq 8.

To find out more about DNN Evoq Content 8, visit their website. Also, be sure to explore more of DNN Evoq Content through our CMS Directory.