BlackMonk v3.4 Released With New Templates & Business Reports

BlackMonk CMS users received good new this week, as version 3.4 of the platform was released.

Founded in 2012, the Banglore based CMS can power online magazines business directories, community portals and more. For more information on BlackMonk, you can read my full review of BlackMonk CMS.

Version 3.4 introduces reports for guiding business decisions, a brand new design for a better mobile experience and a range of features which offer greater value to advertisers & partners. 

Business Reports & Content centric design

BlackMonk v3.4 introduces business reports which provide an accurate indication of user engagement, content submission and revenue generation.

The reports provides information relating to popular pages, monthly revenue streams and so forth.

Publishers can now generate reports for varying time lines and download data in CSV format for further processing in spreadsheet applications. The BlackMonk team have also upgraded the transaction reports, so publishers can now view transactions history of individual users as well download transaction logs in CSV format.


BlackMonk v3.4 puts content on the center stage with the introduction of new content centric template. The new template takes a minimalist approach, making it easier for users to browse and read content – even on mobile devices.

In fact, thanks to the new, easy and intuitive navigation, the new template delivers a great user experience across both computers and mobile devices.


In addition to the features mentioned above, BlackMonk v3.4 brings forth an enhanced DEALS app, FAQ page options, content management for advertisers, numerous workflow improvements and more.

To get the low down on everything BlackMonk v3.4 introduces, check out the official blog announcement.