Bitrix24 Unveils Free CRM Plan & Flurry of New Features

Bitrix24, the popular CRM and collaboration tool, has made a significant set of announcements.

The platform – which is a little over three years old – has over 800,000 signups and 4.5 million users, and is set to gain a few more with the news of a free basic plan which now boasts a long list of new features. Bitrix24 also Best CMS for Corporate Intranets

Such features include; CRM report dashboards, task dependencies, custom fields, email tasks, and much more. Let's take a closer look.

A Seriously Major Bitrix24 Update

One thing's for sure; this is a big Bitrix24 update.

The actual CRM update brings about a long, long list of additions. We're talking about a new dashboard with reports on leads and also on quotes and invoices. But that's certainly not all.

Here's a full list of what's new:

  • Ability to add email recipients to activity stream posts
  • Tasks to email, email to tasks
  • Email to chat
  • New Bitrix24 instant messenger
  • Bitrix24.Softphone
  • Gantt chart with dependencies
  • New task reminder options
  • Restrict task scheduling to work days and work hours
  • New mobile tasks
  • New push notifications
  • Collaboration between users with different Bitrix24 accounts
  • New pricing and discounts
  • Gantt zoom in/out
  • Task dependencies
  • Workday/time scheduling restrictions

Mobile Updates Included

Bitrix24's mobile-version CRM has been enhanced, too. When receiving an incoming call for example, users will be able to view the client’s full profile.

The mobile version also now has a fully featured VoIP softphone, as well as quick replies from push notifications via Apple Watch and Android Wear, providing easy access to live chat.

Overall, it's safe to say that the Bitrix24 team has worked hard on this robust update. More interestingly though, is their move to provide a totally free plan, opening the door to customer relationship management for countless small-to-medium sized businesses across the world. Good on them.

To find out more about this update, checkout the Bitrix24 blog announcement. Also, be sure to checkout the video presentation of the new update.

And as always, be sure to checkout Bitrix24 via our CMS Directory.