Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 Introduces Amber Ergonomics - A New Concept in Website Management Usability

Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, announces the availability of Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 – this year’s most ambitious product release, launching a new industry standard in website management usability with its new Amber Ergonomics concept. Amber features a fully revised adaptive interface that enables click-away editing of web pages and site structure, offers handy website optimization tools and allows establishing a full-featured online business in a matter of hours.

Websites have become a major marketing tool for businesses regardless of the industry focus and organization size. However, difficulties arise with website management as even minor content changes may require the involvement of a web specialist thus increasing the solution TCO and preventing fast decision making.

The Amber concept in Bitrix Site Manager 9.5 effectively addresses the widespread demand particularly among small and medium-sized businesses for easy website management.

Editors can initiate work with content and structure directly on website’s frontend with a button click. The changes are instantly available on the website with opportunity to easily roll-back to the previous state.

The ribbon-style administrative console also offers quick access to commonly used web tools such as search engine optimization, web analytics, template wizards and performance monitor.

Website fine tuning and adjustment of additional modules can be done in the user-friendly backend powered by an adaptive interface. The adaptive interface stores the editor’s activity patterns and settings (favorites, filters, toolbars, etc.) and creates a portable personal workspace that brings the user’s preferences to any computer and browser the editor may use.

Amber also delivers clear advantages to web developers and VARs. Coupled with the turnkey websites (ready-made website templates) included in Bitrix Site Manager 9.5, Amber significantly accelerates the development process. It allows much more to be accomplished in less time than ever before, which is important when time is short, when time is money. At the same time, the product assures a higher rate of customer satisfaction and enhances the developer’s reputation as a trusted technology advisor, leading more business opportunities.

Bitrix Site Manager 9.5 includes a number of additional features that strengthen its position as a cost-effective, full-featured and easy-to-use website management system for small and mid-size businesses.

The integrated e-Learning feature now allows management of training courses straight from the website frontend. Editors may easily import ready-made SCORM courses, insert video and audio content, perform a morphological search with the D.I.G. engine and cascade courses, letting users proceed depending on their performance.

The pool of turnkey websites includes a ready-made template for an online store integrated with PayPal and other payment services. Page wizards let editors easily create new web pages from pre-set templates, while the system automatically transliterates the page titles into friendly URLs to contribute search engine optimization.