Bigcommerce Introduce New Blogging Improvements

Following the recent release of Bigcommerce Next – which includes blogging functionality, Bigcommerce have this week introduced further blogging improvements to help merchants produce and present content more professionally.

Since the launch of Bigcommerce Next, users have written more than 18,000 individual blog posts, with almost 500 new blog posts per day. So, these new blogging features will surely be welcomed.

Let's take a peak at what's new.

Front End Enhancement

To increase readership, visitors to your Bigcommerce blog will now see the most recent blog post appear in full. Previous posts are listed less dramatically underneath.

Bigcommerce blog

Additionally, thumbnail images have been incorporated to increase click-through rates. Plus, no blog is complete without an image or two.

Tag Filtering & Google Authorship

Bigcommerce has also made finding content easier for blog visitors via the implementation of tags.

Now, when a reader clicks on a tag in one of your posts, they’ll be taken to a page that features all posts with that tag. This enables readers to filter posts by topic and helps them better navigate your blog and find posts that interest them, increasing their engagement.

Bigcommerce tags

Furthermore, having tag pages with the tag in the URL helps Google and other search engines find and categorize your blog posts, which should aid you and your blog in the terms of search engine optimization.

Finally, Google Authorship is also now supported. Google Authorship lets online authors claim their content and build authority on certain subjects by linking blog posts to their Google+ profile page.

It helps increase your click-through rates from Google search results because searchers will see a “rich snippet” that includes a preview of your post and your profile picture.

Bigcommerce Google Authorship

Now you can add the URL of your Google+ page to your post and Bigcommerce will automatically link it to your account with a rel=”author” link, a requirement for Google Authorship. You’ll then start seeing your author profile in your blog search results on Google. It's that easy.

A 15 day free trial of Bigcommerce Next can be found on the  official Bigcommerce website.

Additionally, you can explore more of Bigcommerce via our CMS Directory.