Best Drupal based Projects

Drupal has long been known for it's incredible extensibility and today we're focusing on two projects that make the best use of this strength. What follows are two of the best Drupal based projects we've seen so far.  Let's get started.


First up comes an incredibly good project for those looking to use Drupal as a publishing platform and is called OpenPublish. OpenPublish is a project created by Phase2 Technology and is geared towards publishers looking to take advantage of Drupal's flexibility to create a unique and powerful publishing site.

OpenPublish works with:

  • Apache Solr (faceted search index)
  • Pressflow (Drupal performance enhancement)
  • Open source cache technologies for performance (e.g. Memecached and Varnish)
  • Content Delivery Networks like Akamai

Some key features include:

  • Semantic Tools like: Content autotagging, geotagging and map integration, topic hubs and content suggestions.
  • Monetization with: In-stream advertising and gated content,
  • Engagement options such as: Facebook integration, topic hubs, comments and talkback, multimedia and contextual highlights with apture.
  • Syndication and Promotion with: Featured Content, Social Bookmarking and Email forwarding and RSS Feeds.
  • Asset Management using: Source Documents and Image Management.

What does it look like?


More info: OpenPublish



Next in line comes MediaMosa. This projects is best described as software to build a Full Featured, Webservice Oriented Media Management and Distribution platform.

The main features of a MediaMosa platform are:

  • Delivery platform for audio, video (and in fact any other content)
  • Streaming of any format (e.g. Flash, H.264 MPEG-4 and WindowsMedia)
  • Transcoding based on FFmpeg
  • Flexible Metadata Element Sets
  • Access management functions on Media
  • Enhanced Still functions
  • Open Source under GPLv2 license

For more information, visit MediaMosa

Do you have a project that you think should be listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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