2017 Web Nominations

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Jahia's Digital Experience Manager gives you an agile customizable platform that manages your entire digital ecosystem to innovate and deliver great customer experiences, foster internal collaboration and support dynamic business needs for sustainable growth.

dotCMS empowers today’s digital business with a rapid development platform for commercial-grade, multi-tenant, multi-channel content-driven web applications. Used by Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and digital agencies alike, dotCMS is an enterprise-level, open source Java web content management system that makes it easy to deliver compelling and dynamic user experiences for your customers.

Please use the form below to submit your nominations. Nominations will be open from June 26, 2017 until August 27, 2017.


  • Companies that offer incentives in exchange for votes or nominations will be disqualified. These awards are about fairness, not buying votes or nominations as this is not ethical.
  • You may only nominate your product of choice once.
  • Vendors may nominate their own products but must still write a detailed explanation as to why they feel it should be nominated.
  • The number of nominations as well as the quality of those nominations (detailed filling out of the explanation portion) helps determine which products will be short listed.
  • Voting begins September 1st and ends November 1st, 2017.

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