Niamh Brown


Click to visit MobStacAt present MobStac are the “only product in the world to offer mobile websites, tablet websites and native apps for every device”. When I received the MobStac information pack in an email I noticed, below the company contact info, the tagline “Mobile is the new Web”. According to their research there is an estimated 788 million mobile users predicted by 2015. In this infographic by New Relic called Why The Future is Mobile they state that there are more Android phones being activated each day than babies being born. So making sure your web presence is mobile compatible is going to be crucial in the days to come; if it isn’t so already. click to enlarge imageMobStac has done all the hard work so you don’t have to try to comply with thousands of devices on top of the mobile learning curve. They provide a SaaS mobile cloud that lets you easily manage your content from whatever device is at hand. It supports HTML…