Atex launches Polopoly 10 Web CMS designed to streamline online publishing workflows

Atex announces the release of Polopoly 10, the newest version of the industry leading Web content management solution. Polopoly 10 focuses on enhancing the user experience with flexible workflow models for cross-media publishing and a new Solr-based search engine.

Major productivity developments in Polopoly 10 make the system more responsive and efficient at publishing digital content. Enhancements include an updated graphical user interface, keyboard shortcuts, improved tab management, extended drag-and-drop support and on-page editing capabilities.

Polopoly 10 also features a new editorial search based on the open source enterprise search engine Solr. The new search allows Polopoly 10 users to perform full-text searches, faceted filtering and improves presentation of search results. Combined with the Atex Text Mining engine, it helps companies monetize digital content by making it easy to repackage for more digital devices.

“Release 10 represents a major step in the evolution of the Polopoly Web CMS that is meant to help editors control the growing complexities inherent in multimedia production workflows,” said Gustaf Sahlman, Atex Group Director, Products and Technology. “Major enhancements in Polopoly 10 were developed based on the feedback we received from customers and internal ideas as to how Polopoly could help editors improve efficiency. The result is a solution that successfully manages cross-channel publishing and gives publishers the tools to find business success in today’s highly competitive online environment.”
Atex will showcase the Polopoly 10 Web CMS in three webinars starting Wednesday, 26 January 2011 and continuing on 2 February and 9 February. The webinars will demonstrate how Polopoly 10 helps companies manage cross-channel publishing and achieve business success.

For more information, please visit the Atex website