Asbru Web Content Management v7.3.2 released

The Asbru Web Content Management system v7.3.2 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version adds: Fixed remote HTTP response header status code (.NET).

  • Added blank links before and after Browse & Edit mode boxes for links.
  • Added Content Presentation “default” template for other templates (for two-level templates).
  • Added support for custom meta information attributes starting with “http-equiv ” (as well as “http-equiv-“).
  • Added exclude from “Searchable” and “Breadcrumbs and Menus” options for Media Library content items.
  • Improved handling of simple text content linebreaks.
  • Improved handling of input fields for iPhone and iPad.
  • Improved download of old database/website backup files.
  • Improved handling of content modifications through /webadmin/api/ scripts.
  • Fixed database configuration problem (PHP).
  • Fixed product groups and types length database initialization problem (Microsoft SQL Server) (MySQL).
  • Various other improvements.

More info: Asbru Web Content Management v7.3.2 released