Asbru Web Content Management v7.3.1 released

The Asbru Web Content Management system v7.3.1 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version adds: Fixed remote HTTP response header status code (.NET).

  • Added check links and validate content API script support to Browse & Edit mode.
  • Added indirect access to images, files and links through the content item title or file name (i.e. “/file.jsp/myfilename.pdf” or “/link.jsp/MyLinkTitle”).
  • Added handling of filename-based links (i.e. “/file/myfilename.pdf”) for “Use database tables to check content dependencies” configuration option.
  • Added “http-equiv” custom meta information attributes.
  • Added @@@list:…..@@@ sorting by “metainfo_XXXXX” and “productinfo_XXXXX” content item custom meta information and product details attributes.
  • Added Do Not Check For Orphans option for Check Links report.
  • Added special configuration setting (/config.static.aspx|jsp|php) to limit links checking to specific domains.
  • Added Parent-Group Of / Parent-Type Of attributes to user groups and types configuration pages.
  • Added special configuration setting (/config.static.aspx|jsp|php) to digest encode user passwords stored in database.
  • Added “All Images/Files folder files” option for Database Backup & Export.
  • Added Database Backup & Export of files located outside of the “/image/” and “/file/” folders.
  • Added Database Restore Backup options to (re)download and delete previous backup & export database files.
  • Improved handling of international characters.
  • Various other improvements.