appRain is a new Content Management Framework

appRain is a Opensource Content Management Framework (CMF). CMF is a new web engineering concept where “CMS (Content Management System)” and “Framework” perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time.

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appRain, published with lots of extensive features to reduce our development work time. It satisfies both Client and Developers with a safe and quality output.

So what actually it do?

It really a big question when any new tool introduce in community. CMS and Framework are very popular and stable terms in this generation. That support us to meet our requirements have two different type of functionalities. Both this two tools offer different modularized facilities to get your work done. But CMS always fix a client withing graphical interface so, Some time it become difficult to have little extra features that actually that system does not support. At that moment we generally get rush to find our any extension of that specific CMS that almost smiler to to our requirements or try to develop a bridge with another CMS that actually have that facilities. For example Integrate an e commerce script with an Article management system.

Another scenario is little bit better when we use Framework. It can open your edge of development so you can develop all modules as you like. But all tools integrated with Framework is core programming oriented. So you have to develop each section by yourself no matter you are developing a 5 page website or a complex application. You have to re-develop so many module that you do in each project or sometime we copy a part from other project to quick development but again wast time in garbage cleaning.

appRain generate it's concept from all these frustration and after a years of experience. Here we have a part that we call CMS with rapid development tools base on XML definitions and EAV model that will save your time and second part is Framework that is a strong tool based on MVC, Single Tone, Factory and lots of other popular patterns. Developer will complete the work with the help of both tool so your application will not stack any more.

appRain also extend about and plug able with other application in a very easy way and lots libray and extension will reduce your tension. Beside these, we are waiting for you to reply your answer, just post your query in ticket section.