APICMS - CMS without templates, with REST API

APICMS is a CMS which provides for the integration of content within a website only a RESTful API for the web designer. You can program your own website completely independent of the CMS as usual with HTML / CSS and then bind the content with a few lines of PHP code in exactly the area in which you want to give your customers the option to change text and graphics.

The CMS provides only the most important functions

The application was kept small and focuses only on the really important things that a CMS should offer as follows: deliver content for the website that is easily editable for the end user!

  • Any number of content can be created with a WYSIWYG editor.
    Graphics / photo upload to content with Gears, HTML5, Flash, Silverlight or BrowserPlus
  • Categories to summarize the content (eg news page, blog, etc)
  • Very simple REST API to access content and categories from the outside.
  • Small Client library for the webdesigner with all necessary functions for accessing the API.
  • Very simple User Management There are only administrators and ordinary users
  • Administrators can define and modify exactly what content the user may edit / delete.
  • The end user can not destroyed the design by accidental deletion of certain content

Visit http://www.apicms.com to download a free version!