An Update on the CMS Awards

We have already announced the winners of the People's Choice portion of our CMS Awards. Now it's time for the Critics Choice winners to be announced. First off, just a refresher on how this all was designed to work.

The reason I chose to have the People's Choice and Critic's Choice separate is that I wanted to give you, the community, an opportunity to rally behind your favorites and determine the winners while still allowing CMS Critic a chance to highlight who we think is deserving of our praise as reviewers.

I think for our first year, this has been quite a successful exercise and we've learned quite a few things  (like the need to change our voting mechanism next year, for instance).

The People's Choice Awards went to those systems that were shortlisted during our nomination stage and received the most votes from the CMS Community. The winners were announced and you can find a full list of who won what on this page.

The Critic's Choice Awards are our selections for what we feel are the best of breed in their respective areas. The winners are not limited to nominated systems and are selected, this year, by myself based on the following factors:

  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Versatility
  • Uniqueness

I will be announcing the winners today starting with Best Free CMS and will continue announcements every two days until completion.

As a side note, We've had numerous people asking why certain systems were not selected as winners, such as the obvious ones like WordPress, Joomla, etc.  The reasoning is simple, we opened the nomination stage and for whatever reason, they didn't receive enough nominations to be shortlisted.

This is due to the fact that they did not mobilize their respective communities to get out and nominate them. They were not excluded deliberately and hopefully, we will see them participate more in next years awards.

Thanks for listening,