Amazon Web Services announce AWS re: Invent Conference for Partners and Customers

Amazon Web Services have announced their first ever global customer and partner conference, aptly named AWS re: Invent. This new conference is slated to take place on November 27-29, 2012 with more than 100 sessions, including hands-on workshops, cloud computing strategy sessions and technical deep dives.

Attendees to the conference will have the opportunity to learn how to leverage AWS services and features for a variety of popular use cases such as big data analytics, high performance computing, disaster recovery, web applications, mobile and game development, and enterprise IT applications. The AWS engineering and service teams will lead hands-on workshops throughout the conference and will be available in the developer lounge to answer technical questions each day of the conference.

“There’s an unbelievable amount of invention taking place every day on AWS by hundreds of thousands of new and existing businesses. And, anybody who has studied the history of business, and especially that of technology, knows that if you’re not reinventing your products, processes, people allocation, cost structure, skill-sets, and speed to market, it’s difficult to survive in the long term as a successful company,” said Ariel Kelman, Head of Worldwide Marketing, Amazon Web Services. “AWS re: Invent is an opportunity for our current and future customers to learn proven strategies for taking advantage of the AWS cloud and take home new ideas that will help them invent within their own businesses and deliver more value to their customers.”

To learn more about AWS re: Invent and to be notified when registration opens, visit: The call for presentations is currently open and customers and partners are invited to visit the website and submit their presentation ideas by May 31.