Alterian augments marketing suite with Alterian Marketing Suite 3.0 and Engine 4.3

Alterian, the leader in customer engagement technology and solutions, announces enhancements to its marketing suite with the release of Alterian Marketing Suite (AMS) 3.0 and Engine 4.3.  These enhancements will introduce fresh options for deployment of the Alterian Marketing Suite, allowing a new range of administrative and secure single client and multi-tenant systems.

These upgrades emphasize Alterian’s dedication to providing efficient database marketing solutions, which facilitate customer engagement throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle.  This is illustrated by improvements that focus on ease of use, performance, and scalability. With its marketing suite already used by more than 500 organizations, Alterian is committed to the future development of its AMS and Engine products, in line with the company’s vision for customer engagement solutions.

AMS 3.0 allows for additional platform support of recent Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), MS Server 2008 R2 (32 & 64 bit) and MS SQL Server Express 2008 for customer convenience.  It also facilitates a single installer of AMS components – Data Discovery and Visualization , Campaign Manager and Analytical Reporting . Additional improvements have been made to Campaign Manager’s centralised scheduling capabilities, including a new schedule setup wizard and background execution to enable improved multi-tasking capabilities.

The updates to Engine 4.3 focus on performance and a new feature-rich functionality.  A significant improvement is the introduction of shared repositories, allowing for common data to be shared between projects, as well as improvements to data caching.  Improvements have also been made to the security and filters in the suite.  Engine 4.3 also supports a new version of Selection Planner, which further leverages DDV (Data Discovery and Visualisation) and AR (Analytical Reporting) components of AMS.  Other improvements include project set-up and repository enhancements, new applets for managing repository sharing, extended APIs and a dimension level interface.

Mark Galvin, Alterian Product Marketing Manager of Campaign Management and Analytics Strategy notes, “Alterian is dedicated to supporting its customers.  Through this latest upgrade to our marketing products, we have made significant enhancements to both performance and efficiency to improve usability and deliver more effective customer engagement.”

“Alterian is dedicated to supporting its customers and investing in innovation. Today’s technology has given way to a mass empowerment of the consumer with the ability to interact and engage with brands and businesses on an individual level.  Having an effective marketing suite enables our partners and customers to respond to these engagement requirements and ensure they remain competitive in an ever-changing social, economic and technological market with a focus on performance and improved functionality.”