Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 Cuts Cost of ECM Compliance, Collaboration & Cloud Deployment

Alfresco Software today announced the availability of Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2, the latest version of its industry-leading enterprise content management (ECM) product.

With this release, Alfresco enables cloud-based deployments, streamlines email management and archiving and enhances team-based content collaboration. In addition, the Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 Records Management module is the only supported open source solution to have been certified to the 5015.02 standard.

“Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 brings low cost content management and collaboration tools to both commercial and government organizations, and dramatically reduces the barrier to regulatory compliance,” said John Newton, CTO and Co-founder, Alfresco Software. “Supporting the cloud and IMAP standards allows Alfresco customers to address all of their content management requirements – records management, document management, Web content management, collaboration, email archiving or digital asset management – through one value-based solution.”

This release builds on Alfresco’s ability to deliver low-cost, innovative and interoperable open source ECM solutions. New features and benefits in Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 include:

Enables efficient and easy ECM in the cloud:

  • Multi-Tenancy – Alfresco is the only ECM system that natively supports multi-tenancy, a critical component of multi-company cloud implementations as it maximizes use of hardware and simplifies administration of multiple instances of Alfresco.
  • Cloud-deployable – Alfresco now supports multiple deployment options from traditional on-premise to full cloud deployment ranging from a simple AMI to a fully-configured, fault-tolerant and load-balanced Alfresco cluster.

Delivers enterprise-class compliance at a dramatically lower cost:

  • Records Management (RM) module– 5015.2 certified, Alfresco RM enables both commercial organizations and government agencies to address the strict legal requirements associated with managing key business records. The Alfresco open source RM module (available in February 2010 via the Alfresco Enterprise Subscription as a separate module) will enable companies to manage all document content with retention ranging from lightweight to 5015.2-compliant in a single repository, at a fraction of the cost of traditional RM solutions.
  • IMAP support for email client access & email archiving – Simple ‘drag and drop’ support allows users to share key email messages with colleagues and team members. Unique transparent IMAP standard protocol support provides full access to repository services without a client install and can be accessed from mobile devices.

Scalable collaborative community management:

  • Collaborative content creation – Enhancements to Alfresco Share make it easier for teams to collaborate and work together, extending team collaboration from the extranet environment into the cloud through scalable moderated sites, group based site membership.
  • Rich user profiles – Alfresco enables users to employ social media techniques to navigate and find important information.
  • Portlet updates – New dashboard features, such as image galleries, a new forms engine, and activities filters make it easier for end users to configure project portals to suit their needs.

Simplified, high-availability administration:

  • Storage policies – Alfresco enables organizations to manage the physical storage location for content based on business polices as part of an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy.
    This allows content to be automatically stored and moved between storage subsystems based on its business value, governance and compliance requirements and relative storage costs.
  • Monitoring and configuration tools – Based on the industry JMX standard, these tools, combined with the new Alfresco subsystems, allow the administration and reconfiguration of Alfresco without the need to stop and restart the server.

Web content management performance enhancement:

  • WCM authoring and deployment – Significant performance increases to improve deployment of Web site content to external web sites through highly-parallel Web site deployment and publishing. New open and flexible deployment architecture makes it simpler to deploy content to multiple delivery environments and allows easy integration into the web delivery tier.

Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2 is immediately available for all existing Enterprise Subscription Customers.